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Whatever tourist type is, we are here to provide you an unforgettable holidays. 
Choose between the activities you want and let us know so that we can help you organize it.
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In cooperation with TravelToEvia we organize your transfer to Lihada. There, in cooperation with a certified school, you will be introduced to the secrets of diving in the wrecks near Lihadonisia. 
Alternatively you can simply snorkel or sea kayak. Whatever you choose, Lihadonisia is still the ideal destination.
Whether you are already an experienced guru of the sport or an amateur, our highly qualified partners with professional equipment guarantee you fun and adrenaline to the max with absolute safety.
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With the help of our partners we can organize the rental of all the necessary equipment for your excursion on the unique biking trails of North Evia.
Our professional guide will reveal to you the secret trails that will give you hours of pleasure and adrenaline. Unique routes with beautiful views are waiting for you to enjoy them together with a bike.
 What could be more beautiful than the absolute contact with nature through the sport of cycling in the most suitable destination of North Evia?
Horses have been officially recognized as a psychic therapy. Get to know it and get closer to nature.
Ride through lush green landscapes and specially designed trails. Suggestions and options for either experienced riders or those who are trying it for the first time. 
In complete safety, the experienced staff of the riding centre will guide you through the sport of horse riding, giving you hours of fun and relaxation in the middle of nature.
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If you are in North Evia and you wish to take part in an activity that will give you adventure, then hiking is the ideal suggestion for you. 
Specially designed for groups of more than 2 people, our professional guides will lead you to the most enchanting landscapes you may find in North Evia. Hiking tours are either suggested by the guides or tailored exactly to your requirements and your level of endurance.
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Wine tasting... Winery Vriniotis... Follow your senses!

The family winery VRINIOTIS WINERY is located in Gialtra, a small village in North Evia 14 km from Edipsos.
Right next to the old stone wine press with the traditional underground fermentation tank is the new winery. 
Built according to the local architecture of Edipsos, it follows the traditional simple line and soft colours. 
The winery is open and invites wine lovers to visit it. The tour follows a unique route through the vineyard, the old wine press, the winery's premises, the underground cellar of the wooden barrels, ending in the tasting room. 
Visitors will have the pleasure of tasting and purchasing the wonderful wines.

Reservations are required for the tours and tastings
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