Breakfast: 8.30-11.00


Caring for breakfast. The most basic meal of the day. Based on the health of our children, on the health of our body and on the energy of the day. We treat our breakfast with sensitivity and we carefully choose our raw materials.

Our traditional pies are made daily by Ms. Irini, while her awesome cake with fresh butter and fresh organic eggs has fascinated and entered to all our clients’ homes, since she has shared her precious recipe with everyone!

Our jams are made all year long with fresh fruits of each season. Milk products includes, among other things, Graviera of Naxos, Mykonos Kopanisti, Feta P.N.O, cow and goat milk and greek cheese. Yoghurt is accompanied by homemade sweets and thyme honey from local producers of Evia. Homemade jams are without preservatives with strawberry, apricot, orange and lemon pieces.

Every morning a unique breakfast is been prepared for each client. Having the list of preferences, the previous night, we have the pleasure to personally care for you. According to your needs and your requirements. Our breakfast is served on the lovely terrace overlooking the Blue Cafe’s Aegean Sea, or in your privacy of your room. In case you just need a little more time in your bed with your coffee and your breakfast.

Our sweets are alternated every day. The classic Pasra Flora, the home-made bougatsa and the orange-pie are dominate our breakfast. The pies are made with fresh and traditional ingredients. Cheese pies, pumpkin pies and of course greek spinach&feta pie.

In our breakfast do not forget to taste the traditional rizogalo sweet, the delicious omelets, with materials of your choice, grandma’s pancakes, warm donuts, tahini & honey. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are never missing.

We all waiting for you to say KALIMERA !!