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Holidays in the place that Rebirths ....Northern Evia 
The New York Times includes North Evia in the 52 destinations for a better world! 
The reasons are countless...Beaches that fulfill all tastes while Nature Thermal have been relieving visitors from ancient times to the present day. 
Picturesque little villages that tourism has not altered their identity in the slightest. Hiking and mountaineering trails in the enchanting forests will not leave anyone untouched. Smells, sounds and beautiful images will accompany you all along the way.
Trip Boat on the sea coastline, which is characterized by many, as one of the most beautiful in Greece. Small bays with green waters, picturesque beaches, sandy or  with wonderful pebbles, complete the puzzle. 
Caves which you can visit with the help of a small boat. In this tranquil landscape, you will find the idea of a different picnic really interested…. So, try picnic on a boat!
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Pageraki Location / Pili
Evia, 34004, Greece
Tel: +30 6980442548,
+30 6948115408
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