Luscious forests, hidden canyons, crystal streams, wondrous waterfalls and pristine beachesare one of Greece’s best kept secrets found in Northern Evia and undiscovered by mass tourism. Endowed with amazing nature, it features sites of ecological, historical, religious and archaeological significance which, together with the locals’ warm hospitable nature, makes it a destination that you will make you want to return time and time again.

Visitors can choose from a range of activities, including hiking, horseback riding, kite surfing, mountain walks and trails, scuba diving, boat rides to secluded beaches….. and those lucky enough to meet our seas most beautiful visitors…. Seals and dolphins which very often visit Northern Evia from the marine park of Alonissos across the Island.

The friendly service offered from the small family taverns await to treat you, your family and your appetite with homemade special delicacies and fresh fish!


Pili is a picturesque seaside village which is embraced by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea along the lacy beaches offering a natural scenery. The main beach has a peculiar coloration followed by smaller secluded beaches stretching east to the beach of Sarakinikos whose warmth manages to captivate even the most discerning visitor.

The area is known as one of the most beautiful coastlines of Greece and annually attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Enjoy the tranquility provided by the small hamlet which has not lost anything of its personality and the authenticity of its residents.

During the celebration of the Panagias (Assumption of Our Lady), a festival is held in the chapel located in the mountain of the village. Inside the chapel visitors can still see the frescoes on the walls as well as vandalism which occurred when is had been under Turkish rule.

This celebration calls for a picnic! So take your blanket and prepare yourselves for a traditional feast with the pots full of either pasta with goat or chick peas cooking on the camp fire. Once the food is ready all those celebrating form a line with their plates and forks and fill up on the traditional meals. A traditional celebration which has been held for many years and is worth a visit.

Pili – Vlachia – Sarakiniko

Paths full of beauty. Small, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, well hidden. The twin beaches with fine white pebbles...
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Remote from the sea, but in a great location, is the small, picturesque village of Vlaxia. Just 10 km from...
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Landscape reminiscent pirate setting is the picturesque bay of Sarakinikos with the islet. And it is no coincidence, since the...
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Saint David

The magic route to Saint David, urges us not only to visit the monastery and the famous waterfalls of Mt....
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On the slopes of Telethrion at an altitude of 500 meters in a forest of chestnut, oak and pine trees,...
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On the western coast of north Evia is famous for its fresh fish and beautiful houses, while its historical and...
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Agia Anna – 30 km from Pili

The small village with beautiful beach, crystal clear waters and natural bays. Exercise your talent in swimming, surfing, rackets, beach...
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Lihadonisia – Seychelles – Greece

A cluster of small islands that emerged after an earthquake thousands of years ago. The oldest inhabited years, but today...
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Walking on the Mountain or along the River

A romantic stroll along the picturesque villages where tourism has not altered the minimum identity.Walking trails leading to mountain tops...
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Boating and Fishing !

Boating in the sea coastline characterized by many as one of the most beautiful adventures in Greece. Small bays with...
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Hiking or car rides, horse riding or extreme sports. Deep gorges, lush forests, streams, rivers and an incredible combination of...
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Canyoning in Evia!

This is where the canyon is! October to mid-May (depends on the rains).

Drimona’s Waterfalls

Labelled route, with auxiliary ropes and bridges in difficult places. All who choose to visit and will be compensated with...
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Religious Tourism

The miraculous icon of St Anne that saved the villagers from the pirates and gave its name to the Agia...
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